One of our favorite saying around our office is when your competitors take a break, it’s time to kick into high gear! Summer is a great opportunity to take advantage of this! When your competitors head out of town for vacation, increase your marketing campaigns!

As we sat down as the Abundant Marketing team, we wanted to share a few of our summer marketing ideas that we are implementing this year!Summer Marketing

5 marketing campaigns we are implementing into our small business marketing campaigns this summer are:

  1. Social Media Marketing: We always increase our social media efforts during the summertime. When customers head out of town, many times they are relaxing and many will hop on social media.
  2. Summer Sponsorships and Events: If there are events you can host or sponsorships you can do during the summer, this is a great chance to get in front of customers.
  3. Update Content and Improve SEO: We all take breaks. So when we take a break, we add a little more to our content while we are away. This allows us to have a group of content ready for the remainder of the summer and fall.
  4. Cold Calling: Calls drop dramatically during the summertime. This means that if you can call with a genuine message, you are more likely to start a great conversation.
  5. Special Offers: Since many customers are out of the office or the area periodically, we create summer specials. These summer marketing specials run throughout the summer to increase a sense of urgency in customers. It also helps shape other marketing campaigns such as cold calling, social media, and email newsletters.

Are you worried about what marketing campaigns you should implement as we head into the summer? We would be honored to help you evaluate your current marketing and give you a few ideas on how to turn it up in the summer. Take a moment to book a free strategy session to get started today!