When it comes to marketing in a small business, data is key. The more information that you have, the better decisions you can make and the better a marketing campaign can perform. In 2020, our team at Abundant Marketing implemented a new tracking. This package is an option to our marketing services to help make this easier for our clients. But we also wanted to share what marketing software we use with our website visitors, too. 

3 marketing software that track the results of a marketing campaign that we highly suggest are: 

  1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a great baseline software solution that will help monitor traffic from all types of marketing campaigns. It tells you where your website traffic is coming from. It also shows how long they were there, and how they behaved when they were on the website. This is a free software which makes it an automatic suggestion for all clients. 
  2. Hubspot: Hubspot is primarily a CRM (customer relationship management software) first but also has a feature that will tell you how the individuals who filled out the contact forms on the website found the business.  
  3. CallRail: CallRail is another cool software that will tell exactly where someone who called the business found the business phone number. It even has the ability to change the phone number. Individuals that visit your website, google, or Facebook see different numbers. This helps you track which platform is being used the most!

These three marketing softwares allow our customers to have a clear idea of what marketing is doing the best for their business. Combining the three  With this information, they can decide where they want to continue spending their marketing dollars. If you want to learn more about these solutions and how to implement them, contact our team today for a free strategy session. We are eager to get to know you and your business!