Social media marketing is a very broad term and many small business owners aren’t sure if that is what they need. Maybe, they just need a virtual assistant?

If a business owner wants to use social media in order to grow their business or present their business in a great light for potential clients, then hiring a social media company to manage social media marketing is the right decision.

Our teams biggest goal for any small business is to determine their unique needs then create a customized marketing plan based on their small business. For social media, we offer 3 distinct packages:

Awareness Package

  • 3 social media posts per week
  • Goal: To build an awareness of a business 

Sales Package

  • 4 social media posts per week
  • 1 weekly social media ad
  • Goal: Begin developing sales for the business

Growth Package

  • 6 social media posts per week
  • 2 social media ads per week
  • Goal: Overall business and social media growth

We run on all social media apps. All of our packages include a lot more than just social media posts:

  • Writing all posts and having them approved by the board on a weekly basis
  • Monitoring all content to make sure it is performing correctly and make adjustments as needed
  • Monitoring questions, concerns, and reviews
  • Growing each platform that we are managing

Wondering if social media marketing is a fit into your marketing plan? The first step we take with all potential clients is to sit down to meet and we will chat about what marketing you have tried. We talk about what marketing you like, what you did not like, what are the business goals and why we are trying to reach those goals. While this seems like a lot of information, it helps our team become prepared to help any business grow.

Contact our team now to see if social media is the right fit.