Events are a great marketing plan for small businesses, but there are so many types of events. Some of the events we have helped with in the past are:

  • Planning small speaking events (lunch and learns)
  • Coordinating large expos/tradeshows
  • Preparing small businesses to attend tradeshows
  • Plan one-day conferences
  • Plan and execute referral partner thank you events

To make things easier to understand, we’ve broken down our event planning services into two areas.

Expo or Tradeshow Planning

When it comes to large expos and tradeshows, it can be tough to figure out how to attract that right individual to your booth and keep them there. Our biggest goal is always to obtain contact information so you can begin to move potential customers through the sales process.

When we work with a small business on their tradeshow plan, we work through:

  • What their booth layout needs to look like
  • Who (which employees) will be helping maintain the booth
  • The goal of the event (what we want potential clients to opt-in for)
  • Create a follow up plan for after the event

Business Event Planning

Event planning includes literally anything a small business owner may want to put on; a lunch-and-learn, webinar, customer appreciation, and so much more. All of our marketing event packages include:

  • Finding the correct venue and booking it as well as coordinating with the event as we near the date of the event
  • Marketing the event to get the right individual in the room
  • Listing the event in the best places online (if it is a public event)
  • Coordinating the event the day of (if desired)

With any event marketing needs or concerns contact us today, we’d love to help!