Approximately 39% of the entire US population does not use social media. It’s 2020, many business owners would think this number is much lower, but it just isn’t yet. So, how do you market to these individuals who are not using social media? These tips hit incredibly close to home for the Abundant Marketing team because our best target client does not have the time to use or learn social media marketing. And thus, we look for clients who are not on social media.  

4 ways to reach a target audience that is not using social media are:  

  1. Events: Many individuals who are not using social media are connecting with individuals in other ways. They are more comfortable attending face-to-face events to connect with new people. So, a great way to connect is to host an event or attend a networking event.  
  2. Direct Mail: We all get a lot of email. That’s just a fact. It can also be incredibly overwhelming to send a marketing message through this channel because of that. So, instead, consider sending a letter sharing more information about your business.  
  3. Cold Calling: There are so many ways to do cold calling that aren’t the traditional call and tell what you do method. Try calling to invite them to an event or to learn more about their business.  
  4. Search Engine Optimization: Even if someone doesn’t use social media, it doesn’t mean they don’t Google when they are looking for something. So, consider working on increasing your search engine ranking in order to gain more of these individuals.  

There are so many more ways to reach prospects who are not using social media. So, if your target client falls in this category, we would love to give you some personalized ideas. Take a moment and book a free strategy session with our amazing team today. We would love to sit down with you and get to know you and your business!