Running a successful business revolves around three major steps: attracting customers through advertising, creating lasting relationships with clients through follow-ups, and ultimately generating sales. Sadly, many small businesses experience short-lived success because they bypass the first two steps and jump directly into the “sales” component. But what distinguishes a thriving business from a low-performing shop is not the number of zeros at the ends of their checks. It is the connections they make.

3 easy marketing tips to practice when following up with clients are: 

  • Integrate creative contact: Keeping clients informed of their marketing progress is the key to repeat business. To keep communication fresh and fun, try a variety of services – email and voicemail, Twitter, text, and in-person meetings all work as well. Using many platforms will hold onto returning customers while simultaneously latching onto new clients. 
  • Follow up promptly: Gaining clients and retaining clients are two different things. That’s why it is so important to make a follow-up call not long after the first encounter. Capitalize on this opportunity by showing your appreciation, and make plans to meet again. Follow-up calls are the simplest way to create leads, so don’t let this golden opportunity slip out of your reach!
  • Know when to stop: Regular communication can improve customer satisfaction, but too much communication can just as easily lose customers. To avoid the latter, consider tracking communication attempts with online software. Hubspot and Mailchimp are both excellent resources to do just this!

In order to sustain a business, we must first attract customers and build a mutual sense of trust. In practice, this means scheduling meetings to review progress, reaching out for marketing feedback, and making a conscious effort to be attentive and involved. If business owners can trust their marketers, they will become long-term clients, and long-term clients bring in long-term sales. For more information related to effective marketing, visit our website at Abundant Marketing. Our team is eager to meet you and get to know your business! Let’s sit down with a free strategy session and talk about how we can effectively follow up with your customers.