When a business comes to us and needs business quickly, we use some of our more direct marketing methods. These marketing strategies directly ask people to make a decision about using a business’s products or services immediately. One of the more direct marketing strategies is mail campaigns. We define two clear types of mail campaigns:

Small Batches

Sending a small batch of personalized letters allows the business to know exactly who received the letters and follow up on the letters. While this may involve more time, it has a much higher success rate for businesses.

This service is typically used by business services that are focused on growing the business.

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail, EDDM for short, is a way to blanket large areas quickly with information about a business, event, or offer. Our team can design the mail piece to the USPS standards, print it, package it, and send it out all for our customers.

To learn more about EDDM and to see the mapping tool, click here.

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to drum up interest for a business quickly. If this sounds like something your business needs or wants to try, contact us now!