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Marketing can be very confusing, where it is being taught to small business owners or marketing professionals. Grasping new topics is a lot easier when it is put into practice immediately. And that is exactly how I approach speaking and teaching these topics.

I have ten marketing presentations that are pre-created and include course materials that you can preview below:

  1. The Roadmap to Marketing Any Business
  2. 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Business Instagram
  3. How to Run Facebook and Instagram Ads
  4. 10 Social Media Mistakes
  5. How to Develop Leads (for all types of businesses)
  6. How to Use LinkedIn to Develop Leads in Your Business
  7. 5 Ways to Get Your Emails Open More Frequently
  8. 3 Steps to Make Book Sales Online
  9. 7 Software Decisions to Make in Your Business
  10. How to Grow Your Business Through Networking

I have over 10 years of hands-on marketing experience so if you see a topic missing or that needs adapting for your group above, please contact me below.

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