Social Media Marketing

Abundant Marketing began with only social media marketing. It is typically the center point of all of the services that we offer our small business customers. Learn more about social media in small business now.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most common services we are requested for at Abundant Marketing. Almost every business owner wants some graphic element in their business. Whether it is a flyer, a mail campaign, Facebook ad image, new logo, or more, we can help create it!For new logos, visit our logo page or for other graphic design needs, visit our graphic design page.

Web Design

At the start of Abundant Marketing, we sent all of our website work out to other local web designers. We never wanted web design to be one of the services we offered. However, we found that many designers wouldn’t teach clients how to use their websites after the building process was complete and we wanted to change that! Learn more about web design services for small businesses now.

Content Creation

Content creation includes PR, blog post, and new website content. Content creation can be used to accomplish a lot of marketing goals but, can be a very ambiguous term to small business owners. Click here to learn more about content creation services.

Marketing Strategy and Training

When a business owner is early in their business and needs to manage their own marketing for budget reasons or when a business owner likes to implement all of their marketing campaigns themselves, marketing strategy is a great solution! We are happy to create a plan for these business owners and teach them how to implement it. Click to learn more about marketing strategies or training.