Marketing is an incredibly overwhelming topic for many business owners. When you need new clients, where do you go? Who do you call?

Many other marketing agencies tell their clients what services they need. But, no two businesses are the same and the business owner always knows their own situation best. This creates such a confusing environment within marketing that, at Abundant Marketing, we try to help business owners break it down and understand what they need.

Take a moment to watch our video to hear how we teach small business owners to approach their marketing needs then peruse our services below.

Aggressive Marketing Campaigns

Aggressive marketing campaigns are all trackable campaigns – these are campaigns that put the most control in the business owner’s hand. These campaigns allow for follow up which also means these campaigns have the highest and fastest response rate.

Mild Marketing Campaigns

Mild marketing campaigns are campaigns that a business must “wait and see” on. There are no guarantees in these campaigns and they traditionally work slower.