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One thing that many large businesses have access to, but small businesses don’t is cold calling. When a company has a large sales team, they can have team members rotate making cold calls. Or, they can find someone who is great at and loves making cold calls.

However, small businesses can’t afford to recruit employees like this on their team. But, phone calls can be a great marketing tool for a small business, so Abundant Marketing is making that available to small business owners.

3 ways a small business can use Abundant Marketing’s cold calling service is:

Generate Sales Meetings

Our cold calling team is great at generating interest in a product or service.

Determining the Right Point of Contact

If a small business has a product or service that needs to be placed in larger businesses, our team will call to find out who the right point of contact is. This will allow the business to take the next steps in contacting that individual.

Follow Up Calls

If a marketing campaign has already been sent out, our team can make the necessary follow up calls to move the marketing campaign along. This can also be used for event marketing.


Maybe you already know a business that needs a cold calling service in Raleigh? Or maybe this now sounds like something your business needs help with. Contact us today and let’s set up your cold calling campaign!

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