We Are Your Outsourced Marketing Department

Do you have a variety of marketing tasks on your desk? Optimize Google AdWords, launch a Facebook ads campaign, design and mail a new flyer, and more? That’s where Abundant Marketing comes in…

We have been around and serving small businesses across the US, but primarily in North Carolina, since 2014. We have helped businesses through global pandemics, down economies, great economies, and so much more. With all of that experience, we are ready to help you!

Around Abundant Marketing, we like to make small business marketing much easier to understand and attain for all business owners, regardless of what their budget may be.

As you move through our website, we are going to break down what marketing is for a small business. We will explain what we do at Abundant Marketing and what you can expect from us. We are passionate about helping local small businesses grow and we understand what that means! Take some time to learn just how we are doing that!


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We are a small business which means we walk through the same scenarios that you are walking through in your business. We take these experiences and share them in our blog with some tips to help!