Developing a marketing strategy for a small business is crucial to helping the business gain online traffic and new clients through their social media and website promotions. One marketing strategy could have success for one business, but does not mean that it will work for others in different industries. Communication with the small business owner is key to find out what their marketing goals entail and how to formulate a plan together.  Abundant Marketing works with clients that need help growing their business with different types of service plans

3 common marketing problems that arise within a small businesses:  

  • No one knows where my business is: Location awareness is key to the success of a business. Many small business owners need to put themselves on the map, but do not know where to start. This is where Abundant Marketing comes in to help boost web traffic and location awareness through posting on various social media platforms that designate the business’s whereabouts.  
  • I’m not on the first page of Google: Developing a business’s Google+ page is the solution. Putting relevant searchable hashtags as well as posts that link directly to the business’s website help the business achieve a higher rank on Google. Also, adding blog posts to the business’s website that fulfill Google’s writing standards (readability, keywords, and length) also help boost the ranking of the business on the search engine. 
  • I don’t get clients from social media: Some small businesses run their own social media accounts and do not see results. Allow Abundant Marketing to run the social media accounts as well as post during high internet traffic times that vary per platform is vital to social media growth. Also, ads help widen the target audience of the business as well as introduce the business to different audiences. 

If a client wants to grow business, we would put together a marketing plan that would play to the business’s strengths in that industry while also widening its targeting audience to get new clients, we are here to help. Abundant Marketing helps small business owners create a marketing strategy that helps the business grow over time. We are continually updating services that we are offering to keep local small businesses on top of the ever changing climate of the world.  For all marketing inquiries, contact Abundant Marketing by claiming your free strategy session here! We cannot wait to hear about your business and get to know you better.


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