On average, it takes between 7 to 8 touches in the sales process in order to convert a prospect into a customer. However, many small business owners will send an email and potentially make a follow up call then stop communicating with the prospect. Since we have helped so many businesses to create a creative follow up plan for their marketing campaigns, the Abundant Marketing team has great tips on adding additional touches into the sales process.  

8 creative ways to touch a prospect that will help turn them into a client are:  

  • Cold Calls: A quick call to start off the relationship is a great initial touch to add into a marketing campaign.  
  • Invite a Like: Invite the prospect to like the business social media pages. 
  • Event Emails: If the business is using MeetUp or Eventbrite to host an event, use their email feature to invite prospects to attend!
  • Send a Referral: This is only an option if it is possible, but if someone in your company can make a referral to the company, that is a great way to engage with a prospect.  
  • Text Messages: If the business has the ability to text message, it is a great way to allow the owner to respond when they are available.  
  • Small Gift: If there has already been an initial meeting, a small gift to say you were thinking of them is a great, creative touch! 
  • Event Calls: If the business is hosting an upcoming event, call prospects to let them know about the event.  
  • Social Media Requests: Request to connect or become friends with a prospect on any social media platform. But, caution, make sure any posts or pictures are business appropriate.  

Are the creative marketing juices flowing for you? Sometimes it is hard to know how to implement these ideas into existing marketing plans. That’s why we offer a free strategy session for any and all small businesses. We love meeting businesses who want to have their marketing strategy reviewed and receive free marketing tips. Contact the Abundant Marketing team today to set up a free strategy session!  We are so excited to get to know you and your business!