When starting a new business, many small business owners start with a new logo then start looking for a web designer to build their website. There are a variety of choices for web design, but how can anyone choose the right one? At Abundant Marketing, we ask small business owners to consider their needs before choosing a company to build their website. If there will be more needs that just a website in the future, choose a full service, marketing agency. 

3 questions to ask before choosing a web design company are: 

  1. What Will the Experience Be? While there are many web designers, it would be frustrating to pay a large amount of money then have a hard time contacting the web designer. Take time to interview the company’s other clients and ask how the experience is and what can be expected. Like we do at Abundant Marketing, a great web designer will set expectations at the start of the project. 
  2. What Is Their Experience? Ask how many websites they have designed and request samples. Remember, just because they can’t provide as many samples as other web designers, it doesn’t mean they are not great. Take a look at the samples they provide and decide from the quality, not quantity. 
  3. What Are the Needs? In the future, will the business use social media in the marketing plan? Or maybe, email synchronization will be a feature of the future marketing plan. Ask the web designer if they can help with other pieces in the future. If not, consider another marketing agency who can help and grow with the company in the future. 

In need of a redesigned or new website? Contact the team at Abundant Marketing today so we can tell you how we manage website creation, show you some samples, and help the business start to grow. Claim a free strategy session here so we can sit down and get to learn more about you and your business!