Instagram was not initially developed for businesses. However as Instagram developed alongside Facebook, we saw business pages begin to develop. As time has gone on, Instagram has developed some incredibly cool features for small businesses. These tools are awesome to use to develop small businesses brands and grow their businesses.  

4 of our favorite Instagram features for small businesses:  

  1. Hashtags: Hashtags have always been a part of Instagram, but there has been a lot more training on how to use them. Many brands are developing brand specific hashtags to make searching for their business easier.  
  2. Stories: We LOVE stories! They are a great tool to help put a face to a company. Now, we aren’t saying that all stories have to be of a person. They can be used to highlight events, new services and products in the business, and so much more. Regardless of how they are used, they develop the businesses’ brand incredibly well.  
  3. Shopping: Instagram shopping works really well for retail businesses that have visually appealing products. But Instagram shopping has created a cool channel of business for many Etsy retailers.  
  4. Ads: Instagram ads are ever developing; the platform is growing day-by-day. At the moment, Instagram does a great job with offering a variety of types of ads. As well as offering detailed target audiences.  

There are so many more cool features and tools in Instagram that most businesses aren’t utilizing fully. Instagram has proved so useful for so many businesses that we are working with. We are excited to meet you and get to know you and your business! Are you interested in learning more about how to use Instagram for your business? We would love to help you! Check out getting a complimentary strategy session today


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