Diving right back into everything Abundant Marketing is doing this July. We are so excited about our Lead Magnet giveaway that we just cannot stop talking about it! If you’re looking to be successful in acquiring customers online, then you will need to build an email list. And to effectively build an email list, you will need a lead magnet. So what makes a good lead magnet? As a digital marketer, one of your goals is to drive more awareness and build trust and credibility. So what makes a good lead magnet?

What Makes A Good Lead Magnet?

  • Highest value possible: When people give you their information such as an email or phone number, they want to get something out of this. Depending on the type of market you’re in, your lead magnet should be perceived as something highly valuable. 
  • Not just a one time things: A lead magnet should sound pretty self explanatory. You want to attract people to you. But with those attractions you want people to come back more than once. Your lead magnets should be personalized. Every consumer doesn’t want to feel like they are in contact with a robot.
  • Success rate: Anyone who is signing up to hear from you wants to receive something back from you. Just as much as you want them to be in contact with you, they want to have a need fulfilled. If your lead magnet can fulfill a need for both parties, you have a successful lead magnet!

Abundant Marketing is eager to help you learn more about successful lead magnets and get to know you and your business. As marketers, the responsibility is on us to deliver an attractive offer. Make sure to check out our last two blog posts on lead magnets which you can find here and here. Also, check out our free strategy sessions and set up your time to learn more about lead magnets and how they can benefit your business! 


Get excited! Abundant Marketing is giving away a free lead magnet! This magnet is added to your website and optimized for your industry and your website traffic. It includes a coaching session on how to use this marketing tool. We are excited to include a coaching session on how to use this marketing tool. Enter our free giveaway here! We are going to pick one business by August 1st, 2020 so get entered today! We are so excited to get to know you and your business!