One of the best southern phrases is: You never put all of your eggs in one basket. This phrase reminds us why we should balance our marketing efforts. We never know what tomorrow will look like. And this is incredibly true for marketing. Many small business owners have given up on direct mail campaigns, cold calling, or other styles of traditional marketing. They believe it is ineffective and archaic. But what if digital marketing was gone tomorrow? What would you do? At Abundant Marketing, we teach our clients to balance their non-digital and digital marketing campaigns. 

A few of our favorite traditional, or non-digital, marketing campaigns are: 

  • Hosting an Event: It seems very simple, but hosting an event is a great way to show off what you know and attract new customers. And, in general, events have a 13% response rate. Which means, if 50 people attend the event, there would be 6 to 7 new clients!
  • Direct Mail: This is a tried and true method of marketing! It still works, but there must be a lot of creativity in the process. Handwrite envelopes instead of printing them. Glue a post-it to the envelope with a fun message.
  • Cold Calling: This is the most hated campaign but can be done in incredibly creative ways that makes it easier for the caller and the individual being called. 

Do you feel like it is time to balance your marketing efforts? Let’s set up a strategy session to go over how these campaigns could fit into your business and share some of those creative ideas with your team.