Small businesses should take advantage of the events and tradeshows that come to the Raleigh-Durham area. These events allow for businesses to build a network of customers, clients, and business collaborations. Planning for these events does not need to be stressful either. With the help of Abundant Marketing’s event and tradeshow planning services, small businesses in the Triangle can get all of their professional marketing materials in order to build a booth that best represents the company.

4 marketing tips for planning a successful booth are:

  • Professional Banner: The banner lies either on the wall behind a booth or on the front of the booth’s table. This should feature the logo of the small business as well as all the contact information. Make sure it is a quality printed banner that is inviting to others and easy to look at.
  • Canvases/ Promotional Easels: Canvases are great for enlarging photos that are relevant to what the business provides as services. Canvases and promotional easels provide important information, but should not clutter the table. You want to show off the products and services that a small business provides. This tactile form helps others visualize their involvement with the business. 
  • Attention Grabbing Flyers: Flyers are helpful with providing a list of products and services as well as the logo and contact information. The format of the flyer must be structured and look professionally done using heavier stock paper. Creating the best first impression with a neat stack of flyers makes the business look organized.  
  • Business Cards: For the hosts of the booth, handing out business cards after one-on-one meetings is essential to closing a deal. Business cards that exhibit the company well are a great selling point because if the deal goes well, referrals will follow.

Setting up your free consultation is a great first step to get started with preparing for your upcoming trade shows! For more information on event and tradeshow planning services for a Raleigh small business, contact Abundant Marketing!