We are going to let you into the inside workings of Abundant Marketing. We work with several small businesses each day which means we are writing specialized social media plans for each of our customers each week. One of the toughest things we have noticed with small businesses is where to start.

When creating social media content, the Abundant Marketing team begins with:

  • Any new events that are occurring in the store or in the community where the small business is located.
  • Consider anything changing within the business industry 
  • What worked well in previous weeks – take a look at your businesses social media analytic section. There is information about which of your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts have performed the best.

Here are some of Abundant Marketing’s favorite social media posts for clients

  1. A Contest Post: Develop a social media contest that runs along with your social media goals. If your goal is to increase sales, then offer a percentage off to everyone who likes your page. Your goal is to increase sign ups to your email list. Offer a gift to a specific sign up number on your email list.
  2. Excerpt from a Blog Post: Share the back story to your blog post or additional information with the link.
  3. Follower Only Discount: Share an offer for your followers only.
  4. Countdown Series: Take your favorite 5 to 7 things in a series, such as your 7 favorite business blogs or favorite items from another local small business, and count them down during a week.

These are just a few types of social media posts. It is a great set of post ideas for small business owners who are struggling to create their Facebook posts. If you need more help creating a social media calendar, click the social media planner on the right. Our team is so excited to get to know you and your business. Schedule your free strategy session here!