Small business owners have so much on their plate that sometimes the marketing tends to slip behind. When the focus on marketing tends to fall behind there are a lot of common marketing mistakes that are very easy to make. Whether it be not enough time or not enough knowledge of marketing at Abundant Marketing we are here to help. It’s our business to help small businesses reach their marketing dreams. 

Common marketing mistakes that are easy to avoid are:

Isometric flat vector concept of digital marketing mistakes, wrong strategy, SEO errors.

  • Ill-defined target market:

    Not having a clearly defined target marketing is a HUGE marketing mistake that is easy to make. It is essential to clearly define your target market in order to easily market towards them. The more defined the market the more personalized the advertisements can be. A more personalized advertisement tends to lead to higher sales and a better success rate for marketing practices. 

  • Ignoring the competition:

    It is important to be unique and set yourself outside of the competition, but in order to do this you need to be aware of what the competition is doing. Make sure to be using the same platforms that they are. Advertising to similar marketing allows their potential customers to see your business as well. If that is the case then it is likely they will choose you over the competition.   

  • No written marketing plan:

    While creating a marketing plan may seem like it isn’t that important, it is an essential part of marketing. Just like creating a business plan leads to higher success, a marketing plan works the same way. In a recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, they found that companies with a written marketing plan were twice as likely to succeed than those who did not. 

While it is easy to understand what mistakes are being made when marketing, it can be difficult to remedy them. Book a FREE marketing strategy session today, and have us help you solve your marketing mistakes!