This is a rather tough economic time in our country, and this is hitting small businesses even harder than individuals. Many Raleigh small businesses are having to pay more for their staff than they had before with only being able to raise their prices a little bit.

Our team at Abundant Marketing have met with so many small business owners that are asking to increase the number of leads coming into their business. There are a few suggestions we have seen helping local businesses and we wanted to share those with you!

3 of the best ways to increase the number of leads coming into your business are:

1.Google AdWords: If you already have leads coming into yourbusiness through your website, setting up a strong Google AdWords campaign that leads additional traffic into your website will be a great way to increase leads quickly. This also keeps you in control of being able to turn up or down your budget. a.We do not recommend this campaign if you are currently struggling to get leads into your website or it has been a while.

2.Facebook Ads: The Facebook (or Meta) platform combines Instagram, Facebook, and other network ads all in one place. These ads are traditionally less expensive so a great place for small business owners to start.

3.Referral Websites: If you need additional leads, depending on the industry you are in, turn on referral or leads websites like Thumbtackor Angi’s List.

If you have questions about how to implement these campaigns, we would be honored to help. The Abundant Marketing team offers complimentary strategy sessions where we can walk through your questions. Take a quick moment and set one up now!