Generating new ideas when it comes to marketing for a small business can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to considering the cost and return on investment. Large-scale companies will spend millions of dollars marketing and building their business. Small businesses have a similar want and desire. However, they need to do it on a shoestring marketing budget or more cost-effective marketing. On top of that, if you are working to get your business up and running, your marketing budget is probably tiny.Shoestring marketing ideas

The biggest secret that we can provide for small business owners is: marketing your small business does not have to cost a fortune. Business owners can take advantage of many different techniques and strategies in order to help spread the word to potential clients or customers. In this blog written by the Abundant Marketing team, we will provide you with the best “cheap” tips on how to market when owning a small business. 

Shoestring Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners:

  • Create a business blog: Of all of the low-cost tactics that one can incorporate in order to raise awareness about the business and its products is to write great content. A good vehicle for that content is a blog post. There are many resources and tips for getting your blog off the ground. The most critical things to remember is to write about your passion. When it comes to your business, you are the expert. Find something that excites you and write about it.
  • Start a newsletter: Another way to get your business up and running is to start a newsletter. Newsletters and blogs are not exactly exclusive. One can incorporate their blogs into their newsletter or write different content for each. Either way, this is a great way to have emails arrive consistently in your customers’ mailboxes. 
  • Start a podcast: Are you one of those lucky ones who like how their own voice sounds? Or do you have someone on staff with an amazing ability to sweep people off their feet with the sound of their voice? If so, try starting a podcast for your business. Podcasts are an excellent way to build awareness while making your business more human. It is essential to follow your brand identity design principles when creating content for a podcast or any other channel. 
  • Run a sale or create coupons: With many constantly being affected by the uprising of prices in today’s world, who doesn’t like sales or coupons? Though, this isn’t just about offering your customers a break on price. This is about creating unique, interesting promotions that will attract new customers as well as retain the old. Think about creating add-on coupons once a customer spends X amount of dollars. Or, try adding free shipping once a customer spends a minimum amount.
  • Form partnerships: The old saying “two heads are better than one” can also be applied to business. Working with a company that offers similar products, services, or customers can benefit both sides. You can also coordinate and amplify your marketing efforts as well.

Just like large companies, small businesses have the want and desire to grow and gain more customers. However, budget may be a problem when starting out. It does not mean that one should not use marketing skills and strategies. There are a plethora of cheap ways that one can grow without spending much money. Are you looking to incorporate marketing into your business? At Abundant Marketing, we are willing to assist any small businesses to help them reach their business goals. What are you waiting for?