Social media is the ideal way for a small business to interact with their customers. If social media is used efficiently it can give customers a personal feel that is often missing. However, many small business owners forget that forming relationships through social media is crucial for long term success in a business. So, our team at Abundant Marketing wanted to share a few ways that we transition from social media posts into building client relationships. 

3 Ways To Build Relationship With Future Clients are:

  • Capture Lead Information: Contacting your potential clients is huge. It is important to come up with creative ways to capture the information of those viewing your social media. Running content that will entice them to engage with your social media pages is ideal. A perfect example would be a photo contest encouraging the viewers to submit a post of themselves promoting your product. Obtaining their contact information could be required as part of their submission. Newsletters can also act as a way to engage them. Having them subscribe provides another method for capturing leads.
  • Target the Leads: Once you have captured who the leads are then you need to find effective ways to target them. Pay attention to the ads on your page that the potential clients are focused on. Uploading that particular list of people and targeting them with specific ads is one option. Another option is to contact the individuals you have captured through direct messaging. Contacting them and offering your services directly also provides a personal touch.
  • Host events: Now that you have a captivated audience, it is time to host an event. Hosting events give that face to face contact that is essential to maintain happy clients. Reach out to potential attendees to get them excited about the event. Creating excitement will make others want to promote your event and your business as well. Word of mouth is still a great resource.

If you feel like it is finally time for you and your business to sit down and reevaluate your marketing strategy, schedule your free consultation today! Abundant Marketing has several wonderful team members that are eager to sit down with you and get started today!