We all work so hard to get potential customers to our website. But, on average, only 2 to 3 out of 100 visitors will contact our businesses. That’s an incredibly low number. Our team at Abundant Marketing likes to help business owners to increase this number. We always share these tips with our clients.

4 ways to increase the conversion on a business website are: 

  1. Change the Buttons: Most buttons on a contact form say submit or send. Try changing what the button says to something like ‘get started’ or ‘get in touch.’ These are less aggressive and make website visitors more comfortable.
  2. Different Forms: Have different options of contact forms on the website. Let individuals reach out in ways – such as a form on what problems they have that your business can fix. Let individuals book an appointment or demonstration in a way where they feel comfortable.
  3. Scheduling: If your business offers a free strategy session or 15-minute consultation, allow individuals to book that directly through your website. Check out https://calendly.com
  4. Content: This one is common sense, but the more aggressive the content on the website and the harder it is tries to sell someone, the less likely they are to contact the business. They want to get information, not be sold to. In order to fix this problem, reread through the content on the website and make necessary tweaks.

Website rebuilding is crucial to any business that is finding they are not getting the traffic they feel they should be getting. These are just a few ways to help individuals feel more comfortable contacting your business. If you want more personalized ideas for your business, do not hesitate to set up a free consultation now.