When you set up a website, it always asks if there should be a blog feature. Why? Many business owners don’t understand why their business should have a blog section to the website. Our team at Abundant Marketing loves to help clarify confusion like this. A blog is a tool to add new content to a website which is part of SEO (search engine optimization.)

3 things business owners gain from adding blog posts to their websites are: 

  1.  Increased Traffic: When keywords are added into those blog posts, the search engines will see that. When they see new keywords and users visiting the website, they will send traffic back to your website by increasing the search ranking. 
  2. Engaging Users: Well written blog posts are a great place for existing website users to visit and learn more about the business. It is also a chance to show off the business owner’s knowledge of their work. 
  3. Keywords: Using different keywords in new blog posts will help show the business owners what is the best set of keywords for their business. Some keywords will help pull users who are ready to make a purchase. While, conversely, some common keywords will pull the wrong types of clients. 

Blogging is an essential element in the SEO process. It is a way to communicate to Google, and other search engines what your website wants traffic for. Blogging can sound incredibly difficult, but it is a great resource for small businesses. To learn more about our blogging services, read about our content creation services now. If you have any question or are interested in a strategy session, you can grab your spot right here for free!