Being a small business owner can be extremely tough. It seems like at every turn, there is another crucial decision to make about the business. With these decisions, businesses can end up in a rut that will need new marketing strategies to change. At Abundant Marketing we understand that these decisions can lead to a few specific problems and are here to help you navigate these tough times. 

3 common small business marketing problems and the way to fix them are:

  1. Lack of Awareness: Many of my customers believe their families and friends know about their businesses, but no one else. Many businesses that struggle with awareness are in obscure retail or office spaces. One of the quickest solutions to lack of business awareness is regular social media posts split between more than one platform. Splitting social media posts and increasing their frequency will increase reach of the business information; thus, adding awareness of the business.
  2. Not Enough Sales: To begin tackling this objective, we suggest evaluating the business’s website first and, if there are no problems, start with social media ads. Specifically, we use Facebook ads at Abundant Marketing. Social media ads will help reach individuals who haven’t heard of the business before; thus, increasing sales.
  3. Not on the First Page of Google: This is a very common problem, but typically, it is easily fixed. When a customer struggles with Google ranking, a weekly blog post on their website packed with their keywords will move your site up. In addition, we suggest a certain amount of weekly posts. This will tell Google what the business should be coming up for in search, which will increase searching ranking. Check out our post in Social Media Marketing Sins! 

These are just a few problems that small businesses and startup businesses encounter. Each business is unique in its own ways and requires different attention to different areas. If these are some of the problems occurring in your Raleigh small business, contact us at Abundant Marketing today and set up your free strategy session.