As a local marketing company, many small businesses owners have asked our sales team how Abundant Marketing markets to new clients. The short answer is… the same way we market for our clients. We are proud to stand behind our services. These include graphic design, public relations, social media, and web design services. We believe that we can grow, just like our clients will as well. The long answer to how we market our social media marketing company is a lot!

5 small business marketing tactics that Abundant Marketing uses on a regular basis to gain new clients are: 

  1. Local Networking, Specifically BNI: The Abundant Marketing sales team are members of BNI chapters across the Triangle. BNI Chapters are organizations for small businesses like Abundant Marketing to network in. However, in addition to gaining business from referral partners in our BNI chapters, we visit other chapters to meet small business owners.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Due to the fact that many of our clients are not on social media sites, it is odd to think that a marketing company can gain clients from social media. We use social media platforms, such as Facebook, which help us gain traffic to our website.
  3. Direct Mail Pieces: We send out personal notes, emails, andletters to business owners who are showing signs that they may need help with their marketing plan. Following the letters, we have a very specific follow up plan. This ensures that no marketing leads fall off our radar.
  4. Organic Search: Our content writing team helps create blog posts and update the content on our website in order to keep our content fresh. Having fresh, genuine content helps the search engines rank a business website higher.
  5. Referral Campaigns: Existing customers can be a businesses biggest champion in the business place. Asking existing customers if they have any other business owners who need marketing help is a great way that we gain new clients.

Want to learn more about Abundant Marketing’s services? Read about our blogs, graphic design, web design, social media marketing, and general marketing services on our website. Interested in adding some of these marketing elements to your marketing plan? Contact the Abundant Marketing team today and schedule your free strategy sessions!