It’s the start of a new year which means business owners are making new marketing plans and New Year’s Resolutions! This leads to many questions about marketing, but where does a Raleigh business owner go to get those questions answered?Small Business Marketing

The simple answer to that question is… ask for help! Our team at Abundant Marketing offers complimentary strategy sessions that you can set up anytime that is convenient for you. But, there are other places business owners turn to.

3 of the most common places Raleigh small business owners turn to for answers to marketing questions are:

  1. Online Webinars: Many business owners turn to online resources so they can watch a handful of experts in a small period of time. While this is a great option, we always teach to vet the resource first. Make sure they have a proven track record, have been trained in their area of expertise, and that they have used their methods on existing businesses.
  2. YouTube Videos: YouTube videos can be incredibly great tools for picking up a quick, small skillset. But, marketing can be tough to learn because its such a broad, wide-sweeping category to learn.
  3. Marketing Coaches: Coaches are a great resource to get 1-on-1 information that relates back to your business. However, there are very few marketing coaches.

Are you now wondering where you should start? Our best suggestion is to set up a FREE strategy session with our team at Abundant Marketing. We can start by giving you a little bit of direction that will help you navigate online or in-person resources.