Social media can be one of the overwhelming aspects of a small business. One of the things our team at Abundant Marketing likes to help small businesses with most is social media profiles.

There are a few things we look for in social media profiles that would cause us to reach out to a business and offer help. Certain red flags stand out and make a business look unprofessional, outdated or uninviting. There are several reasons why a business will stand out to us as needing assistance.

4 red flags we look for in social media profiles that lead us to contact a business.

  • No profile image: Every business needs a profile image. This is the first impression so to speak that the business makes. This image grabs the attention of the visitors to the page and is the picture that shows up on newsfeeds, posts, comments, etc. Not having a profile image can turn potential clients away. Adding branding such as a logo will help to recognize the business and communicate what the business does.
  • No cover photo: A cover photo is equally as important to help easily identify the business. A cover photo is what the audience is drawn to when they get to a page. This photo represents the brand and makes the page look inviting. Having a cover photo that ties in with the profile image makes for a more attractive page overall.
  • No posts in 2 weeks: Consistency is crucial when it comes to social media. There should be regularly posting on a business page to encourage engagement with followers and increase organic reach. We recommend posting at least 3 times a week on social media balancing sales, educational and fun content.
  • Inappropriate content: Posting inappropriate content is certain to turn off the audience. It is important to stay away from controversial topics such as religion, politics and offensive language for example.

If you have one or more of these red flags and fixing it feels overwhelming, we would be happy to help you make the adjustments to improve your business page. Our team at Abundant Marketing would love to chat and give some guidelines to maximize your social media page and avoid some of these potential pitfalls in our free strategy session.