When creating a website the options are endless. Anything you want to be on there can. This can be very overwhelming and can make the process harder than it should be. At Abundant Marketing we want every company to have the website of their dreams. Using these simple tips and tricks, any website can become a great one. 

4 Tips and Tricks for Creating the Website of Your Dreams Are: 

  • Less is more: When designing a website keeping things simple is sometimes better. Adding a bunch of widgets and text can overwhelm the screen and make the user experience of the website go down. To really make the most out of less it is important to take advantage of white space, keep the important information at the top, add meaningful photos, and never forget your call-to-action. 
  • Use Visual Hierarchy: The concept of visual hierarchy is that the more important things are bigger, higher up, and brighter. This can be as easy as; keeping the most important information at the top, bolding important words and calls-to-actions, and using contrasting colors. 
  • Make it easy to read: When choosing fonts and spacing out text make sure that it is simple and easy to read. Serif fonts are known for being easier to read and skim through. Adding spacing to different text boxes is also important. When a bunch of words are too close together it can be difficult for people to quickly read through it. 
  • Mobile and tablet friendly: It can be easy to see the completed website on your laptop and be done, but testing it on cell phones and tablets is important. You never know when or how someone is going to use the website so making it user friendly on all platforms is a must. 

Making a website isn’t always easy, if it was everyone would be doing it! For any questions contact us for a free strategy session