Running a business is tough, especially with the increasing influence of social media. Knowing the correct marketing techniques within social media is very important, however, that comes at a price.  Many small business owners take on the personal price by trying to learn to do it themselves. It means the business owner spends less time in their business and thus, makes less money. At Abundant Marketing, we know how to optimize social media marketing and how to fix recurring social media marketing problems. We are focused on working with small businesses so our team knows how to fix these problems specifically for businesses.  

3 common social media marketing problems and their solutions that we regularly see in local small businesses are:   

  • Not knowing what to post: Having a guideline to go by can help. Our team put together some great packages that can be used, which you can see here. Keep in mind that we have free consultations available here! This is a great opportunity to come in and learn more about what we can do for you.
  • Not getting new followers:  Making an attractive profile is challenging enough, but attracting new followers is even more challenging. Running ads is a good way to reach new followers.  Keep the budget small, but it allows you to reach a greater audience.  
  • Not knowing how to run ads:  If you do not know how to run an ad, ask for help! Classes are offered online and there are companies that would love to help you. Otherwise, it is still cheap to hire a company to take care of the smaller details. 

Abundant Marketing is just such a company to help your business flourish by freeing your time to take care of the more important aspect of running your business.  Contact us to explore your options. Remember to schedule your free consultation here! We are eager to get to know you and your business.