Have you run across another marketing company that is claiming they can get you a certain number of new leads in your business each month? Does it feel a little weird that they can guarantee that? Well, that feeling is right… you can’t guarantee that. When it comes to marketing a small business, there are a lot of factors that impact whether a business will get new leads and how frequently. Some of those features include social media posting frequency, website, type of business, style of communicating what the business does online and so much more. So, our team at Abundant Marketing wanted to share a few examples of how one marketing problem can impact overall marketing.

Common marketing problems that derailed a new marketing campaign: 

  1. Builder Websites: A local pet service business had incredible engagement on social media and great traffic to their website each month from social media and from local events they attended. But their website was built on SquareSpace and thus, the search engines had a hard time identifying their keywords to send traffic (SEO.) Therefore, they only got one to two new leads a month. Builder based websites such as Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace cause the most common marketing problem we see.
  2. Ambiguous Content: A local business coach created a great video explaining what she did and posted it as a video on Facebook. Her engagement was great, but when they got to her website, there was a lot of website content. The content made it confusing on whether she was a business coach or a life coach. Therefore, she had not had a contact form fill out in 3 months. 

There are a lot of other marketing problems that could impede your overall marketing. It is important to remember that there should be a holistic view of marketing, not just a focus on one feature of marketing. If you want to know what could be impeding your marketing results, we would love to help you with that! Take a moment to set up a free strategy session now.