Many small businesses believe that marketing doesn’t work for them. They have come to these conclusions after failed social media marketing campaigns or blog posts never bring them clients. At Abundant Marketing, we find local small business owners who feel like marketing doesn’t work frequently. As soon as we hear this, there are quite a few questions we begin to ask to ascertain what is causing their business to struggle with marketing. 

The top 4 reasons that businesses are failing with their marketing are:

  1. Lack of Marketing Strategy. The goal of all marketing is to give customers a way to get in contact with the company and 99% of the time, the goal is to be contacted through the website either via fill out form, email, or phone call. Thus, the goal for all marketing strategies is to send potential customers back to the company website.
  2. Website Problems. If a website has never generated a lead, it is time to go back to the drawing board and start over with a new website. This could be a sign that individuals can’t find the website, the website is too hard to be used, or has confusing content.
  3. Wrong Social Media. Many companies believe they need to be on all social media platforms, but that is simply not true. Certain platforms, and certain marketing strategies, are better for different businesses. Know your target audience!
  4. Not Being Online. Small businesses in the Triangle have less access to marketing help. Unlike Abundant Marketing, many small business marketing companies will not service these areas of the Triangle. Thus, many businesses are not online. This is causing a large problem in their overall marketing and business growth because potential customers are having a hard time finding the business.

Experienced the feeling that marketing doesn’t work? Get back to your business’s core values and set up a consultation with Abundant Marketing to see how we can solve this problem.