I recently saw a Facebook post with a local business owner who was looking for a new logo. In that post, she was asking to pay $5 for that logo. So many marketing companies hide their prices and it makes it very difficult for business owners to set reasonable expectations on what a logo should cost. At Abundant Marketing, we are happy to share what our logo design services costs – just call us! But, for business owners who are trying to save money, there are a handful of options for logo design. However, those options determine the quality of the logo. 

3 options for logo creation services and their price points are: 

  • Fiverr: Fiverr is a website that connects business owners with freelancers. These freelancers can range almost any location. The price for a Fiverr logo can range from $5 to $100, but average around $30. However, many Fiverr graphic designers use clipart and similar logos, but change the company name.
    • Drawback: These logos may not be legal, so you may have to change the logo again in the future. Or, worst case scenario, an attorney could send a cease and desist letter. This would force the company to stop using it. 
  • Vistaprint: Vistaprint and other similar websites are close on their price point around $90 per logo.
    • Drawback: The logo will look very similar to other companies and there are very few edits that can be made. You run the risk of not standing out from competitors 
  • Local, Graphic Designer: This is the best option that we suggest to all of our customers! Not just because we are local, graphic designers. This is the best way to ensure that requests are met, and the logo will be legal to use. 
    • Drawback: Typically, the price may be higher. And, watch out, some graphic designers will not give design files to use for future, large scale printing.  

At Abundant Marketing when we design new logos for our clients, our packages start at $250 for a new logo. In addition, we release our design files at the end of a logo design project. However, we can take logos from other companies and improve them to save the money that has been sunk into previous logos. If you are looking to have your logo redesigned, contact our team now and let us know what you are looking for – we would be honored to design your next logo!