Abundant Marketing is on the move! I recently noticed two coffee shops in our new neighborhood. They both offer spectacular coffee and great ambiance, but one is budgeting for marketing and one is not.

For one shop, you see signs when you get off a major highway. This same coffee shop is creating social media posts numerous times per day on their Facebook page and working hard to finalize a pristine website. They have spent numerous marketing dollars on indoor and outdoor signage that makes their shop very visually appealing.

The other coffee shop is harder to find online and harder to find in their Garner location. There are no signs leading up to their entrance and they create social media posts when they can.

To a new coffee drinker in the area, which coffee shop is going to get chosen?

As Raleigh small business owners, we all need marketing! 3 crucial reasons that every small business needs small business marketing are:

  1. We all hate to believe it, but we all have competitors in Raleigh. Someone is waiting to take our business. If a competitor is doing more, they will get the business.
  2. New Customers. Family, friends, and existing customers will be extremely loyal to any local business. But, every Raleigh business needs new customers. Marketing is what attracts those new customers.
  3. Many existing customers will forget about a local, Raleigh business if it is not in front of the mind. There is a business to gain from reminding customers about the location, hours of operation, and upcoming events.

As small business owners, we all want to grow. Many Raleigh small business owners will try to save money in the process, but that could be what hurts small businesses. Even if the marketing budget is small, Abundant Marketing can still help. Give us a call today at 919-379-5790 ext. 701 or email myself, Abundant Marketing’s owner Ashley Morrison, at ashley@abundantmarketingsm.com.