When reading online it’s very easy to find useful information. The internet is full of articles about marketing, but the internet also has plenty of fake and untrue information. Knowing what’s true and what’s not true is very difficult. Sometimes finding something that is untrue is easier than finding the truth.Charlotte Marketing Strategy

Our team at Abundant Marketing gets calls all the time asking for help deciphering online information from articles about marketing. We have a few tips we share when we get those phone calls.

3 easy tips that can completely change how someone can do marketing research are:

  • Credible Source: Checking for credible sources is one of the most important ways to check if the information is real. An easy way to check for credibility is to look at the content of the page. Are there any spelling errors or grammar mistakes? if there are any of these things or a mixture of any of these things it’s safe to say that another site might be a better option.
  • More Than One Source: Having more than one credible source says a similar or the same thing can prove that it’s true. If one scientist says water is H20 it only is a little bit believable. But once 1000 scientists say that water is H20 believing them is easy.
  • Does it Work: Comparing real life to what a website says is the final way. Logically is what this website is saying true or false?  Comparing real-life experiences or experiences of friends can help prove or disprove website content.

We check all of our marketing strategies through rigorous research and real-life experience. After working in the small business marketing world, we have found what truly works.

One of the best parts of our marketing services is our clients don’t have to worry about doing their own marketing research because we are doing it and keeping them updated on our findings. One of our favorite resources for marketing information is social media examiner. If you want to learn more about things changing in small business marketing, contact us today!