The term marketing brings fear to many business owners’ minds. Marketing feels expensive. It reminds business owners of bad experiences and horror stories. But marketing shouldn’t feel like that.

At Abundant Marketing, we are changing how business owners feel about marketing – we are taking the horror stories and turning them into success stories.Marketing Agencies

3 common misconceptions and expectation of marketing are:

  1. Price: Marketing should not bankrupt a business. It should be an aspect of the operating budget, but not all of it. The correct percentage fluctuates from business to business, but the most important aspect is that it is comfortable for the business’ budget. This is not true in all marketing agencies, so just be sure to ask about how they price their services and is there any fluctuation.
  2. Results: Around our offices, we comply with the 1 in 4 methodologies. Therefore, every $1 you put into marketing; you should get $4 back out into the business. Tracking software solutions are incredibly important in ensuring that the results coming back are correctly attributed. Learn more about tracking options in our past blog post here.
  3. Ethics: Many marketing companies have created an environment of unethical decisions. This is a small percentage of marketing companies and can be easily avoided. Review testimonials and talk to past clients before hiring a marketing agency in order to prevent issues like this from occurring in your business. Around our office, we have a few key clients that love chatting with our new clients. Other marketing agencies should be able to provide similar references.

If you feel like you need the help of a marketing company but may not have a large enough budget, please contact us. We love to help small business owners regardless of the amount of marketing budget they have at the moment.

If you don’t have a marketing budget at the moment, that’s okay too! It is more important for our team to help keep a small business afloat than for us to gain. We offer complimentary strategy sessions for all businesses, regardless of budget. So, feel free to claim one here now.