When it comes to marketing, everyone is looking for new clients. However, there are so many steps a new customer takes through our marketing process before becoming a client. They learn more about our businesses on social media, visit our website, read our reviews and so much more.

As a Raleigh marketing agency who works with small businesses, we work to teach our clients and small business owners we meet to look for the signs of healthy marketing.

4 Steps of Marketing Health

  1. Engagement: The first step to any marketing campaign is engagement. People seeing social media posts, opening a direct mail campaign, or reading an email.
  2. Website Traffic: As an individual begins to engage with a marketing campaign, they become curious and start to do research. Therefore, the next step is to head to the company’s website to start doing research. Due to that fact, the next thing you look for is an increase in website traffic.
  3. Conversion: The next step is for the individual to reach out for more information. This can be a phone call, social media message, email, or website form fill out. Typically, 2.35% of a website’s traffic will convert and reach out.
  4. Information and Sell: After they reach out for more information, it is time to guide the customer through your specific sales process.

It is important to remember that each consumer takes a different pace through this process and there is no way to rush it.

If you feel like your leads are getting stuck in this process or if you have a specific area you of marketing health that you are struggling with, contact us now and we will help guide you through the problem.