Did you get an email from Staples today? How about Target? As consumers, we get A LOT of emails! This leads many small business owners to want to run their own email marketing campaigns.

Our team at Abundant Marketing has seen business owners try email marketing campaigns in their businesses. Due to the fact that we all receive so many emails, email marketing has a lower response rate than a variety of other campaigns.How to Use MailChimp

3 ways to get the most out of email marketing campaigns are:

  1. Follow Up: If you are going to purchase a cold email list and send emails to it, have a plan! Know when you will send additional follow up emails and when you will make follow up calls. The follow-up calls will give the email campaign the best chance at success.
  2. Use Email Newsletters: Newsletters are a great way to help potential clients stay engaged without being too intrusive. Consider a monthly or quarterly newsletter depending on the type of business and relationship with the customers.
    1. Extra Tip! Follow up call the individuals who open the email newsletter numerous times in order to increase the response rate.
  3. Crap In, Crap Out: We’ve all heard the saying “Crap In, Crap Out” so to avoid this scenario, pick a high-quality list. If you are considering sending to a cold email list, try creating an email list yourself instead of purchasing it. Or vet the company you purchase an email list from.

If you are considering starting email marketing in your Raleigh small business, our marketing agency team would love to share a few additional tips that are personalized to your business. Take a moment to set up a complimentary consultation now.