(Currently in Beta Test) Podcast Marketing Course

We have launched a 30-day course to help take podcasts from concept to monetization within the span of the course (30 days!) During this class, you will:

  • Think through your podcast idea and how it will come to fruition.
  • Learn how to record, edit and publish your podcast.
  • Begin marketing your podcast in a variety of manners.
  • Identify potential companies to sponsor your podcast.
  • Gain your first advertiser.

This sounds like a ton of information and it will be a very robust course! The structure of this course will be:

  • A 1-hour of call every Monday to discuss topics to work on throughout the week, teach concepts, and answer questions.
  • Daily email to lead tasks for the day
  • 30-minute daily tasks to push your podcast forward.
This program is still in development but we want to invite you to follow along with us! We are severely discounting the course to $50 for the month while we work out the kinks during May of 2022. If you are interested in participating in the beta test, please reach out to Ashley at [email protected].