Marketing strategy is another broad term used in the marketing firm world. At Abundant Marketing, our marketing strategies can include a few services:


Marketing Plan

Many new business owners are so excited about their new business that they want to do their own marketing. However, they may need a little bit of direction on what type of marketing they need and how to implement it.

Thus, we offer custom marketing plans for business owners with creating a plan and training them on how to implement it. Even better, we let them create their own budget for the project!

Business Owner Consultation

When we consult with business owners, we work with them to ensure that their marketing campaigns are working together. Sending a postcard out but not including a picture of the postcard in a social media post would miss out on a potential opportunity to improve the response rate.

However, many business owners have a hard time figuring out how to make all of the pieces work together in order to make them more efficient. That is what we do in this time together.

Marketing Team Consultation

The Small Business Administration defines small businesses as up to 500 employees. Thus, as a small business is growing, they may hire a marketing professional to oversee all of their marketing campaigns. However, they may need a little bit of extra help reviewing campaigns, implementing new campaigns, or tracking their marketing efforts.

We will come in to consult with marketing managers in small businesses on whatever tasks they need help on.

All of our marketing strategy services are really great for business owners who want to do their own marketing. If that describes you to a tee, reach out and let us know you would like some marketing strategy help!