Attending events is a great way to gain clients and grow your business. Unfortunately, some businesses don’t fully take advantage of these events as they should. When companies aren’t prepared for an event they end up leaving many potential clients that could be of great use.Event Marketing

Abundant Marketing is a full-service marketing company providing graphic design, content creation, marketing strategy, and more. We are constantly attending and hosting events for business owners. Which is why we want to ensure you are prepared for your next event.

3 ways to gain clients from every event you attend are:

  1. Offer a Free Giveaway. Most people love the opportunity for a freebie. When all it takes to enter is their contact information, why not enter? They may be approaching the table for the giveaway, but some stay around after hearing the initial pitch. A few of those turn out to want to do business with you. For most, 1 or 2 new clients far outweigh the $20-$50 giveaway that brought them over. This doesn’t even count the people that later become intrigued by your email campaign afterward and become clients.
  2. Offer a Free Strategy Session. There is no better way to earn the trust that to offer time and knowledge for free. These in-depth consultations give a chance to show how the partnership between the two parties can be beneficial to their company specifically. General information is helpful, but the sale is easier when you prepare and speak directly to their issues.
  3. Gain Referral Partners. Every person that approaches may not need your services, but they may be in a position to send clients their way, while you do the same for them. Never underestimate the relationship that can develop from people who are in the same position of trying to grow their business.

So next time you attend an event, find out how you can incorporate 1 or all 3 of these methods. It might just be what brings that next big client. Click here to grab a copy of our book, “The Roadmap to Marketing Any Business”, and keep your business in the right direction.