Many small business owners are taking business photos on their iPhone, but there simply has to be a better way to do it! A Raleigh photographer can charge hundreds of dollars for photography packages that aren’t needed in a small business. So, this prevents many small businesses from getting the photos they need for their websites, social media pages or press releases.

But, you know us, that’s not how we do it at Abundant Marketing. We want to make it attainable for business owners to have great images they can use in their business. Our photography packages are below:


We have two ways to do headshots, but all of our headshot packages are $50 for a 30-minute shooting timeslot. The options for packages are:

  • Shooting in Downtown Raleigh. We shoot in a variety of spots in Downtown Raleigh to give great indoor and outdoor shots. We typically end up with 4 to 9 great headshots which are returned within 36 hours of the shoot.
  • Shooting on Location. We are happy to come out to anywhere in the Triangle and shoot for 30-minutes. But, some of that time will be spent finding the good spots to shoot. Due to each different location, we can’t guarantee the number of finalized images, but all finalized images will be sent within 36 hours.

Business Photos

It is hard to write social media posts and add content to a website without great images of the business. We would love to come out to any business and shoot images that capture the essence of the businesses as well as any staff or products that need images.

The cost is $50 for every 30-minutes we are on-site shooting.

Our Samples

Take a moment and look at some of the pictures from our most recent photoshoots.

Would new photos help your business? We would love to help you! Send us a text message at 919-379-5790 and let’s get a time set up for your photoshoot.