Finding my place with Abundant Marketing was finding a job I never knew I always wanted…

Getting back into the workforce was the last thing on my mind…partially because I was scared. Scared I’d never find the right fit for me. I had been a stay at home mom for a while and thought I was content with that…until I wasn’t.  Michela Ramos

Prior to becoming a parent, I was in sales management for over 20 years. I loved what I did and just didn’t think that the right fit was out there for me anymore. I didn’t think I’d find something the would make me feel like I make a difference AND still allow me to have a life outside of work. I didn’t want to give up time with my family or have no time to clear my head during a long run. I still have time for all that, and even still able to spend endless hours crafting, much to the dismay of my husband who says I just don’t need another monogram. 

When I learned more about Ashley, and what she did, and how she ran her business, I knew I wanted to do this. I have seen so many small businesses need help marketing their services, yet they just couldn’t afford the help, and I always felt that just wasn’t right. The small fish should have just as much of a shot at growing their business as the big guy. Abundant Marketing makes that possible. Making, for some people, dreams come true. Being a part of that makes me feel happy and fulfilled and I love my job!