There’s More to the Story…

I opened the doors of Abundant Marketing in May of 2014 because I wanted to help small business owners grow their business.

But, that’s not where it started…

Ashley’s DECA High School Win

Back in the Fall of 2008, I was a sophomore at Apex High School and I had a friend tell me about an organization called DECA. For those who don’t know, DECA is an organization that prepares emerging high school and college students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management around the globe through role play and business plan competitions.

The first time I stepped in front on a judge and competed, I knew business and entrepreneurship was for me. I quickly found out I was rather good at it too and took two trophies for the internet marketing business plans that I wrote!


Ashley in NC State Collegiate DECA


Even once I was at NC State, I was still heavily involved in DECA and pursuing entrepreneurship. However, upon graduation in May of 2013, I began looking for jobs. I spent a year working in a handful of medium-sized businesses while interviewing at small businesses.

Every small business owner said they wanted to have me on their team, but couldn’t afford to pay me full-time. I knew there was a need in the Raleigh area for a consistent small business marketing company, but I was still too nervous to step out on my own.

Finally, at a Casting Crown concert, I heard the song Dream for You and I knew it was time to step out and start my business. I was so blessed to find another small business who let me work for them while starting up Abundant Marketing then transition them to a customer once I was ready.

That night, when I heard that song for the first time, two clear visions emerged for Abundant Marketing:

  1. Create a phenomenal marketing company that helped small business grow, not only in Raleigh but around the country!
  2. Establish a workplace that employee will love to come to and love to serve our customers!

That is why I get up every morning and what I am striving to achieve. If that sounds like what you need for your business or where you need to be working, contact us today!

P.S. There is one more thing everyone needs to know about the story: we have the coolest office dog! Ashley’s dog, Yogi, is an office regular. He loves to hang out with our team and customers.
Yogi is a rescue dog from the JCAPL where he spent the first 6 months of his life getting healthy and waiting for his forever family!