The holidays are a busy and productive time for small businesses in Raleigh, but this means issues can oftentimes arise which usually involve marketing. Whether you run a franchise, a beauty salon, or an e-commerce store, we want to share some of our top solutions for those holiday marketing problems!Holiday Marketing Problems and Solutions

The top three most common Holiday marketing issues and our recommended solutions are:

  1. Follow Up After the Holidays: Many businesses face huge fluctuations in sales throughout the holiday season. From Black Friday to Christmas sales can be at their annual highest. Individuals are often looking to obtain beauty services, revamp their house and purchase holiday gifts, which makes them much more likely to act on a marketing campaign. Some businesses can make the mistake of not creating a marketing campaign to retain these new customers or clients once a transaction has been made.
    • The solution: Encourage customers and clients to follow your Instagram, like your Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter. Once January rolls around these platforms can be used to advertise promotions or special offerings.
  2. No Sales in January: Once the craze of holiday spending has ended, many individuals typically attempt to create a tighter budget throughout the beginning of the year to compensate. The solution: Offer discounts, and follow up on previous transactions through a Newsletter.
    • The solution: One of the best ways to do this is to provide a discount or information in exchange for a customer’s email. This will not only encourage sales, but it will encourage both engagement and a future transaction from a potential customer or client.
  3. Low Brand Awareness– Perhaps your business has a great service or product, an amazing website, and even some promotions in place, however, you are still struggling to obtain new customers or clients. The issue is oftentimes low brand awareness due to not enough marketing. The issue here has nothing to do with the product offered, but rather the awareness of your offering.
    • The solution: run a social media ads campaign. Running targeted social media ads utilizing Google Plus, Facebook, and Instagram is one of the best ways to boost brand awareness and obtain new customers or clients.

Whether your issue is not enough sales or an influx, at Abundant Marketing we’re here to help you retain or obtain new clients and customers for your business. It’s not too late to create a marketing campaign strategy for the holidays! Set up a complimentary strategy session with our team at Abundant Marketing today!