Google AdWords has always been a campaign that Abundant Marketing had a referral partner handle, but our clients have continued to ask us to provide Google AdWords. So, we have added Google AdWords to our list of services.

We have been beta testing this service and its pricing structure in order to provide the same great service our clients have come to expect with all our other services.

What makes Google AdWords different and why should I use it for my business marketing?

  1. Search-Based: Many business owners are in an industry where there are so many other businesses working on SEO that they struggle to compete.
  2. Keywords: Unlike social media ads, Google AdWords are based on keywords. This helps businesses who have numerous target audiences, but the target audiences would search for the same topics, phrases or keywords.
  3. Cost: The biggest disadvantage to Google AdWords is the cost. The cost per click (CPC) is between $1 and $2 where a social media ad typically has a 50-cent CPC. However, the cost can be worth it if Google AdWords is bringing in good, high-quality clients.
  4. Features: Google AdWords integrates closely with YouTube ads. So, for small business owners who want access to more features such as YouTube ads, Google AdWords is a great fit!

Are you interested in learning more about our Google AdWords service and the pricing behind it? We would love to share that information with you.

Take a moment to set up a complimentary consultation today and we will explain how Google AdWords could fit into your business as well as provide custom pricing.