Selling can be hard. I think that is undisputed. Sales can get very “cut and paste” after awhile too. This is why a lot of people dread or dislike sales. After a while, it becomes the same thing for every person. The best way to get good at sales is to change things up and get good at selling something on all platforms of sales. Through social media, on the phone, online, through ads, in person, during a meeting, sales can occur at almost any time. Being able to sell at any place can really make your ability to sell dominate.

3 fun ways to increase sales in a small business are: 

  • Send an Email and a follow up: Sending an email and following up is a very reassuring way to check on possible clients. I like to think of it as the salesperson is a waiter or waitress and the customers are at the salesperson restaurant. Sending an email and following up is the same as checking on customers to see if their food was prepared correctly. 
  • Set up phone calls with social media followers: Social media is a perfect way to advertise new products or meetings. Displaying the product on social media than setting up a teleconference completely cuts out customers having to reach out and ask questions through email or one on one calls. This gives more introverted customers the opportunity to listen to others ask questions in a stable safe setting. 
  •  Follow up on existing leads: Never let customers go just because a salesperson forgot to contact them. Follow up, and make sure the customer is getting what they want when they want it. Having an unhappy customer is worse than having an unhappy boss. Follow up on customers and make sure they are getting what they want. 

These tactics can look very different in one business versus another. Therefore, if you feel like you need more direction on these marketing tips, take a moment to set up a free consultation now.