During the summer months, business can feel slow for any small business in Raleigh. But summer brings new opportunities. There is more time to try new marketing campaigns, meet new people who have moved into the area, and make plans to grow a business.

Our team at Abundant Marketing really likes to get out and network during the summer. It’s a great way to meet new people and gain business insights.

3 things we always tell business owners to consider when selecting networking events:

  1. Comfort Level: If large crowds are uncomfortable, consider a smaller networking event with more structure to it. There are a variety of networking events, so do the research first and pick the best fit.
  2. Goals: Clearly define your goals and plan attending networking events accordingly. If the goal is to gain referrals, certain groups are better than others. If the goal is personal development, a different approach is required.
  3. Time Available: Some networking events are a longer time commitment than others. The best part about networking events in Raleigh is the variety of time options that are available; there are events early in the morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon and evening!

If you feel nervous about attending a networking event on your own, don’t ever hesitate to ask one of our team members to go with you. We all love attending networking events across the Triangle.

Or, if you are struggling to find the right networking events, contact us for a complimentary strategy session and we can guide you through the decision.