There are a lot of business owners that feel like they don’t have a budget for marketing. For those individuals, we suggest shoestring budget marketing ideas. There are so many fun ones you can start with to get a business growing.

6 fun shoestring budget marketing ideas that we share with our small business clients are:

  1. Post Awesome Social Media Content: Write great content and share it across social media. Then, have a few referral partners that can share the content in order to get higher view rates.
  2. Blog Post Share: Find another local business that could have similar clients to your business then offer to do a blog post exchange where they write a blog for your website and visa versa. This helps get in front of a different audience at no additional cost.
  3. Plan a Networking Event: Events can be expensive, so get vendors to offset the cost with sponsorships.
  4. Organize All Online Listings: Make sure all of the businesses’ online listings, such as Google and Yelp, are set up correctly. This will ensure individuals searching online can find the business.
  5. Cold Calling: Call and introduce yourself to potential customers. If this feels uncomfortable, try to call to invite them to an event with you.
  6. Build an Email Newsletter: The first step is to build an email list which can be done with referral partners, cold calling or emails. Then, create a monthly campaign that can be sent out to the email list.

There are so many more cool marketing ideas for a shoestring budget, but these are some of the favorites. If you are getting ready to launch a marketing campaign on a shoestring budget and have some questions, take a moment to contact our team to set up a complimentary strategy session now.